Seeing your big brother get married is a once in a lifetime kinda thing, (especially when you only have one like myself), and having the privilege to capture then retell that day makes the whole event extra special. Bill and Lindsay, we call her Linds for short ;), have been together for a decade and have two beautiful daughters, so this wedding was a long time coming for our families to say the least. We have loved Linsday since the moment we met her and having both sides come together was smooth as PB. The two met ten years ago at a wedding where Bill was a groomsmen and Linds an eager guest waiting to meet the guy her friend thought would be a great match, turns out, it was that really tall one beside the alter. I guess her friend was right was because even after two kids and a decade of getting to know each others odd families and quirks, they still having that spark that keeps them laughing all day and into the night.