I want to work wherever I can, telling as many different stories as possible…

I grew up on the outskirts of Bracebridge Ontario, Cottage Country, where I spent my days hiking, swimming, canoeing and overall exploring the great outdoors. This has given me an exceptional bond with nature and the world around me. I have always loved a good non-fiction piece. Whether it be on paper, in a picture, podcast, or film, experiencing part of a true story unfold excites me. That’s what drove me to go to school for Journalism, and it was there that I purchased my first camera.

​Once I discovered how much of a passion I have for camera work, specifically video, it quickly became my main focus in Journalism School. Since completing my education, I have started freelancing myself as often as possible so I can gain more camera experience and tell stories with it as often as possible. Although I have learned a lot on my own, I know there is so much more that others can teach me. I want to expand my horizons by working with as many teams and passionate individuals as possible.

I’m lucky enough to have found something I love. If I can make a living doing it then why not go all out! I consider myself a Small-Town girl if those still exist, and continie to do a lot of video and photography work that supports my community. I My favorite place to shoot is by the water. In fact, anything that takes place in and around the water puts me at ease. Roaring rapids, trickling streams, silent lakes, the dip of paddle, or an animal stopping to drink, it all takes me right back home. I have a bachelors degree in Communications in Media and Film from the University of Windsor and another bachelors from there in Digital Journalism. I love a good objective documentary film or podcast and it’s a field that I am, want to continue, exploring. If you’re sitting in my car, then you’ll also be listening to CBC or a well researched pod-cast, that’s just a fact.

My life doesn’t have an end goal. Honestly, I’m going to keep living day by day, making sure I’m happy doing what I do. Shoot me am email or give me a call if you want to chat more or geek out about camera gear.